So many people give up on their creative projects far too soon. Whether it is painting, writing a book or arts and crafts you should follow through with your projects and never give up. So many people give up on their creative projects because they expect instant gratification which never happens. Yes some people get lucky and their creative projects are very popular and they start reaping the benefits very quickly but others have to wait a bit longer, sometimes you might even have to wait up to two years before to magic starts to happen but you have to pursue you creative journey, even if you just do a little bit each day it is better than nothing and you will start eventually start reaping the benefits.

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You need to let go of control and have faith in yourself. The power of the mind is so powerful and we are all capable of manifesting our dreams and desires. If you can devote a little time to meditation and focusing on your goals during meditation your creativity will come flowing through. Don’t be afraid of meditation if you have never done it before, there are many beginner techniques available online and you can go join a local group to get you started. Meditation is a time when you focus and listen to your mind to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state.

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The morning is the best time for setting a peaceful start to your day. Evening meditation is also good for relaxing before bed. When you relax you become positive, and it makes the perfect setting for prayer, sending love, being mindful, releasing anything that is unhelpful, negative and toxic which is great for healing your mind. Not only can you heal your mind but you can also heal your body by meditating. If you don’t want to meditate with other people you can just sit or stand or lay down and meditate in your house or garden or anywhere that you feel comfortable. All meditation helps you to be creative. If you work too much and you don’t think you have enough time to meditate you are very mistaken. You might need to learn how to multitask better, whether it’s mindful meditation when you are taking your dog for a walk or watching a documentary when you are cooking or working out on the treadmill. You can even receive information in your sleep. Once you start multitasking it becomes second nature eventually. Your creativity will flow and your knowledge will improve. 

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Listening to a guided meditation while you are sleeping is one way that you can meditate without changing your routine. When you wake up in the morning write down what you remember from your dreams. Many inventions and ideas come from peoples dreams. A positive outlook ion life, detoxing, exercise (especially yoga, eating healthy, getting enough rest and taking control of your schedule will help you get to where you want to go and will help you achieve your creative goals.