About me

First off a big thank you for visiting my site. I made my website after falling critically ill with meningococcal disease and septicaemia. Secondly I want to thank the love of my life Katie for being my life support and doing everything for me when so sick and standing by my side during the hardest time in my life when I really needed the support. She is truly a phenomenal human with the most caring and loving nature. My dog Duke also deserves a medal for always cheering me up and occasionally soaking up my tears in his fur.

Whilst sitting around all on my lonesome on a lovely cold day I decided that i’d like to learn how to make a webpage, so I did and this is what I ended up with. I thought it would be a good way to share my recipes and connect with other people in the food business and people who just have a love for food but then I started writing about my near death experience.

At the moment I am in recovery and it feels as though it is taking forever, so during my spare time I will keep my progress updated on this site and we’ll have to just see how I get along. On the 29 January 2018 my entire life changed completely. From being this ninja chopping Chef to (I kid you not) someone who can barely walk to the end of the street and basically lives on tablets. Enough about the sad story  and a little about my love for food. I qualified as a chef in 2009 and gained experience in restaurants and hotels from South Africa to Zambia to the UK. I love travelling and trying out the local delights. My love for food comes from a young age of about seven years old when I would watch my beloved grandmother baking the most delightful cakes and she would let me beat and whisk the mix and of course lick the spoon. My passion for food needs to be expressed whilst I am not my lovely kitchen at work, so you can expect lots of delicious recipes that are tested and tasted be me and my friends and family. I am here for you if you’re feeling a bit lost in the heat of the kitchen or if you would just like to chat. No matter how big or small your food dilemma is I’ll have the answers. Just leave your queries and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I am also able to help out with menus for parties, functions and restaurants, from costing food to giving advice on the full running of  a kitchen.