How to know if you are an old soul

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Have you ever found yourself asking the question of “Am I an old soul?” or “have I been here before”. Well the fact that you have asked yourself this question could be an indication that you actually are actually an old soul. If you were a young soul or a less experienced soul then you wouldn’t be asking yourself this question. It probably wouldn’t even cross your mind as it is something that you have to have an awareness of. More than likely if you have asked yourself this question then you are an old soul.

  1. Souls are highly sensitive and intuitive. A lot of them have good psychic awareness and intuition even if they haven’t studied for it and they use it. And the sensitivity and empathic traits just come naturally. They are usually aware if something is wrong with someone and can tell if there is something wrong in the world.
  2. Do you feel like you need to have some alone time. Sometimes you will feel like you need to just need to find yourself and you can feel a bit overwhelmed with things that are going on as you are quite empathetic. You want to help people.
  3. Souls are very compassionate and hate anger and negativity. The negativity drives you mad and you don’t understand what the point of these negative emotions are. Do you feel like you have no time for negativity or  anger such as negativity in the workplace? Old souls will generally see that there is a place for anger such as when bad things are happening in the world and with the environment but generally trivially anger will come across as baffling to them. Instead of showing anger in an unproductive way, old souls would more than likely be protesting.
  4. Do you ever feel like you can’t really connect with a lot of people? You can’t even connect with some  of your family. Sometimes you might be out and you just feel a bit disconnected or out of place and you just want to go home.
  5. Souls understand that their bodies are  just vessels to carry the soul. They know that the body needs to be looked after, but most importantly they know that their souls are the most important. Old souls do look after their bodies and like to be pampered and some like wearing nice outfits, but most importantly they understand that their task is to get information.
  6. Old souls are aware that we are all one, one with people and nature and they like looking after the environment and you probably wouldn’t see them littering or harming nature. They don’t understand why people hurt the environment with things like fracking, by putting profit above clean water. Old souls are very caring of the earth.
  7. Old souls tend to be less materialistic. Some people that are old souls may have started off as being materialist at a certain point in their lives, but at some point they probably realised that their is more to life and that there is a much bigger picture. A lot of old souls will say that they are minimalists and they don’t even realise it.
  8. You would think that old souls would connect better with older people, but they actually connect with random ages, young children, old people and even with animals. Old souls just connect with other old souls.
  9. Souls love learning new things. They are not necessarily always studying something but they love to gain more knowledge and experience. They get intrigued and are curious and are always open to knowledge and experience.
  10. You always tend to seek a deeper meaning in life’s course. You seek a connection, a deeper meaning when it comes to not only your existence but also of those who are a part of this journey with you. You believe that the things that happen in your life must have a meaning and that they happen for a reason.
  11. People love talking to you about what’s going on in their lives and you are a good listener. While younger souls prefer to speak than to hear, an old and mature soul understands the need to listen more and talk less. You have the ability to give them the right piece of advice, a soothing healing touch that only the wise, experienced, and understanding soul can give. You might even feel like a councillor at times.
  12. You are more inclined towards the spiritual realm of life. You are more spiritually aware and you also are thirsty for more spiritual knowledge. You own a collection of books  that speak of cosmic awareness, of the historical era, of life and it’s various facets. Spirituality is something that you seek in your surrounding.
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