Reusable shopping bags

assorted plastic packs lot
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

If an individual consumes about 350 plastic bags a year according to some survey reports and a single plastic bag takes about 450 years to biodegrade then the world is in serious trouble of becoming a huge waste dump.

The pollution caused by plastic bags is 70% more than paper bags. These non-biodegradable plastics are dumped in water bodies and ends up polluting them to irreparable levels. Thousands of sea animals die every year as they end up eating these toxic bags mistaking them for sea food. These plastic bags also photo-degrade and contaminate soil and water. In addition, when the bags eventually degrades, the chemicals go into the water making the purification process more expensive.

Recycling of plastic bags reduces the disposed waste but the process of recycling causes massive amounts of air pollution. So instead of recycling, it is even more beneficial if it can be avoided.¬†Reusing of bags for regular purposes like groceries or shifting to cloth bags reduces a lot of waste and also saves a lot of maintenance cost and cutting down of trees. Reusable bags help in reducing the use of oil based products and saves using up our precious natural resources which I’m sure you can guess is important for us now and especially for the future generations. We would be saving gallons of water and fuel and acres of forest every year by this measure. It also helps in preserving the flora and fauna of your region.

Some companies are promoting eco-friendly initiatives and exploring an alternative ethical way of using plastic bags. For example, biodegradable plastic bags which are cornstarch-based cost more but can breakdown in just 12 weeks into compost.

So guys lets really try. I have faith that as a species capable of incredible inventions, we can surely take some action to help our planet.

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