BF95557E-82C2-4CA1-A0A5-0EF8F171E431Love let me tell you has been a real rollercoaster in my life. Like many of you I too have had my heart broken and have found love again. There were times that I felt like my heart had been broken in the past really damaged me at that point of my life. Being let down by friends, lovers, family members and even strangers can really take it’s toll. Fortunately I am the type of person that learns life’s lessons and grows from them. I believe that everything happens for a reason and everything that has happened in my life has gotten me to this point and let me say, it’s actually not a bad point.

True love will only happen when you truly love and are kind to yourself and others. Others include people, animals and even nature. Don’t go around judging people, we are all unique and have a right to live our lives as we please. Whether someone is gay or straight, pink or blue it doesn’t matter, as long as a person is not hurting others, that is all that matters and judging someone else’s sexual preferences is pretty sad and pathetic. Live your life in a respectful, fun and giving manner and you will see the love, the true love come flowing into your life and into your heart. Giving is one of the best things you can do and the satisfaction you will get is such a beautiful feeling. Give to a charity, adopting a rescue animal or a child, thanking the universe or god or the angels or Buddha or whoever you pray to for all the good in your life, gratitude is so important, you can even plant a tree and give back to nature, there is so much you can do, there are no limits of doing loving acts.

I have not always been so spiritual and connected with the universe and love until I almost died in January of this year. The love that I felt from people when I was close to dying was real love. And the love I had from the spirit realm and from my friends and family by my side and even strangers praying for me in the rehabilitation when I was learning to walk again and in hospital, now that is real love, not lust.

Now the love that you feel in a relationship, well a lot of the time it is actually just lust in the beginning. Yes the feeling of lust is so exciting, the butterflies in your tummy, the way your heart flutters, the eye contact, the way they smell, yes I can go on forever as I am a true romantic. As much as you think it is love, and yes it very well may be Love, but let’s face it, it may actually just be lust. If your relationship can survive a couple years down the line when you are not having sex as much as you used when you first fell for each other, then you my friend are in business! If your partner is now your lover and your best friend and yes you argue but you talk things through and sort it out and carry on enjoying each other’s company and would do anything for each other and are truly happy and except one another flaws and all then you have reached a far deeper and meaningful version of love with your partner.

Oh Love comes in many forms, it is everywhere! It is in the air we breathe, every moment we are alive, each grain of sand that has been given to us by the universe, the people and let’s not forget our furry and scaley friends that we adore, in all our energy that is connected. We are all connected and every single thing has energy. God is love and is everywhere! God is in you and in me and in all life. We are spiritual beings and this life that we are living on earth is so short so use your love to make a change and do good.

Now that I have poured my heart out and spread some of my love I hope you will to. And if you don’t agree with what I have said that’s ok and I still love you and everything in this beautiful place that we live in. Namaste


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