Essential oils for Tinnitus

I used to suffer with Tinnitus and not a lot of things helped. It was until I started using essential oils that I noticed an incredible change in the volume of my tinnitus. I personally am a big fan of lavender oil as it has an amazing calming effect and my tension has really dropped. The sensation of  the ringing in my ears used to drive me crazy every day and now I barely notice it. It can get really hard to live with and even more challenging to treat however please do not loose hope, because it is possible. With perseverance, faith, meditation and time. Essential oils is definitely a natural method of eliminating and lessoning the intensity of tinnitus.

Essential oils are extracted from the leaves, flowers, roots, seeds, peel, stem and bark of plants. They depict the true essence of a plant and have been used for centuries in healing. They can be used as part of aromatherapy oils or infused with carrier oils, such as, coconut, jojoba, rapeseed or olive. The oils below can be applied topically, applied around affected area, diffused into the air with a diffuser or applied to the reflexology point under the feet to gain physical health benefits . Reducing the intake of caffeine and alcohol also helps with tinnitus, a substitute such as a herbal tea would help take the edge off and aid in the alleviation of the symptoms from tinnitus.

The purity of an essential oil one of the most important factors that determine its quality. An essential oil with impurities may expose you to chemical solvents, synthetic fragrances, contaminants  and fillers which can actually harm you. Make sure you buy your oils from a resputable seller to prevent being robbed. Pure oils should carry a certified standard assuring you that there are no fillers, synthetic or harmfull ingredients. I use Doterra products. so if you are interested in getting some products or just want to know a bit more about essential oils please feel free to contact me.

I have made a list below of some essential oils below that can help with tinnitus. Just pick whichever suits your needs and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.


Lavender has such a calming effect, it has relaxing and sedative properties which really help people who suffer from anxiety. Stress is a major contributing factor to tinnitus


Cypress has a clean, fresh, woody, herbaceous scent. It stimulates blood circulation and helps calm the nervous system. Cypress eases pulsing tinnitus, the result of a problem in blood circulation.

Helichrysum (immortelle)

Helichrysum has a herbaceous, honey, hay scent and is considered one of the most effective plants around. Helichrysum supports and cradles the psyche to work through difficult emotions, trauma, or issues that we have buried in the subconscious or qualities within ourselves that we don’t acknowledge. It can help skin heal faster, repair blood vessels and nerves, and even reduce inflammation. . It is known to be a powerful facilitator to connect body and spirit.

Juniper Berry

Juniper Berry helps Tinnitus by purifying the body. It  has a balsamic, clean, woody and spicy scent. It is great to use for detoxing as juniper cleanses the blood by releasing toxins from the body thus promoting the excretion of uric acid crystals.


Patchouli has a herbaceous, comphoraceous scent matures with time, changing it aroma and colour as it ages.  The circulatory and draining properties help in the treatment of tinnitus, weight loss, blisters and apathy.

Green basil (ocimum basilicum)

This is one of my favourite essential oils which can even be used in cooking to enhance flavours. This underrated essential oil helps with Crohn’s disease, blood pressure, dizziness, ear infection, earache, motion sickness, neuropathy, ovarian cysts, post traumatic stress shock and is antispasmodic, meaning it can act upon the smooth muscle cells in the ears and calm down a throbbing and pulsating sensation. It really has incredible healing properties.


Petitgrain comes from the leaves of the bitter orange tree, this essential oil has an uplifting aroma that can deal with physical and emotional changes, the scent is fresh, floral, slightly herbaceous.  It can act as an antispasmodic, help to relieve tinnitus due to muscle contraction. Petitgrain is also known for helping with nervousness, dementia, insomnia, nausea, stress and vomiting.

Melaleuca/ Tea tree

Melaleuca can have a soothing effect on your tinnitus. It has a herbaceous, green, leathery scent. It is commonly used for acne, allergies, anti-fungal, bleeding conjunctivitis, ear infection and virus.

How to use your essential oils

Please don’t put essential oils inside your ear. All you need to do is apply two or three drops on your earlobe, behind the ear, and to the neck by the ear. Lightly massage the oil into the skin. I also like to rub my hands together and cup them over my nose and inhale the aromas with deep long breaths in the nose and out the mouth.



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